4 Easy Porch Improvement Projects For Summer 2020

4 Easy Porch Improvement Projects For Summer 2020

JATES Construction collaborates with professionals all over the city, masters of crafting luxurious decks and porches that clients can enjoy when the weather warms up. To get the most out of your deck and porch space, plan on completing some useful projects this season that will add some spice to your outdoor living area. Below we discuss some easy porch projects anyone can take on to make your outdoor living space stunning.

Get planting!

Decorate your deck space with some vibrant flowers and beautiful plants. Greenery adds an aesthetic and a focal point to your outdoor living space. It also produces a sensational aroma that will make your deck seem even more special. There are plenty of design pointers you can follow. For example, you might want to do a tropical theme ornamented with exotic plants like a majesty palm tree, an orange tree, or even a money tree to elegantly accent your space. If you want to lean on the classic side, consider creating a gothic garden with ferns and some cool garden statues like gargoyles. You can check out some inspiration online for gardening ideas and tips from professional designers. Here, the possibilities are endless and you can certainly test the limits of your creativity!

Upgrade your furniture.

Deck and porch furniture wears out eventually. If your outdoor furniture is starting to look weather-worn and rundown, consider making this the year you buy some new furniture. Depending on your design aspirations, you’ll have plenty of great options to choose from. Wicker is a classic choice that is very comfortable but make sure it’s resin. Resin wicker is more suitable for the outdoors and won’t fray easily. Wrought iron is a solid choice that is both durable and nice to look at. If you’re looking to rearrange your deck often and prefer an easy fix, consider aluminum furniture. Solid wood furniture is always a great choice and will weather well but beware of poorly made products that will begin to splinter as they age.

Get a controlled fire pit.

If you have enough space for it, you can buy a small fire pit to gather around on chillier summer nights. Controlled fire pit areas bring everyone together to enjoy one of the most classic American traditions, smores! It is important that you always have someone attending to the fire and make sure you keep it small enough to control. Avoid large blazes and do not feed it too often. In this case, less is certainly more!

A small fountain.

A fountain can add a beautiful accent to your space and create a zen atmosphere for you and your family. There are plenty of different types to choose from and retailers all over the country offer a variety that will elegantly suit your needs. All you need is a source of electricity and water nearby to fill and power it with. The usual maintenance is relativity easy and requires monthly scrubbings and infrequent water changes. It is also advisable to empty it out after every use to avoid mosquitos breeding.

JATES Remodeling & Construction is dedicated to providing our customers with first-class home remodeling and construction services that make your living space a spectacle to admire. We have proudly served the people of Chicago and look forward to continuing to provide the surrounding community the best construction quality possible. If you’re in need of deck renovation or building services, reach out to us today for a free quote!