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Some of the most luxurious apartments are in the tallest high-rises in the city. At JATES, we understand that there will come a day when you want to remodel some or all of your living space. There are plenty of reasons other companies don't want to work on a high-end remodel project in a high-rise condo. The logistics that come with working at such a height can be a nightmare. From moving materials to coordinating building engineers to clean-up and much more, it's often easier for companies to just say no or let someone else do it. At JATES, we don't want to leave it to someone else. Our team has what it takes to deal with even the most difficult issues presented by a high-rise luxury remodel.

Our experienced team of high-rise experts will handle everything that needs to be done for your remodel. Our services include:

  • Design and build
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
  • Living room, closet, and total space transformation

We specialize in tough projects because we understand a luxury remodel isn't always easy. Our team handles high-end remodels that other contractors won't do, because we have already worked out the logistics that come with working in a high-rise through numerous projects in the past.

Limited to residential remodels.

  • Moving Materials
    Moving Materials
  • Scheduling Elevators
    Scheduling Elevators
  • This photo was shoot during a visit to the reconstruction of the Othon building in the center of São Paulo, where now it is going to be the Finance Secretary. It is a historic patrimony declared by the government, in which some special people stayed in, such as the british princess, a korean embassador and many other relevant people in the past years.
    Coordinating with Building Engineers
  • Unplugged black cord
    Arranging Water & Electricity Shut-Off
  • Clean-Up

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