What’s the best time of year for a basement remodel in Chicago?

What’s the best time of year for a basement remodel in Chicago?

Is a basement remodel on your to-do list for 2022? Once completed, that room can be a great addition to the functional living spaces in your home. So when is the best time to schedule the project?

Many experts agree that the winter months are the best time of year for basement remodeling.

It’s easy to think of summer as the ideal time for home renovations, for obvious reasons — more daylight, friendlier weather, warmer temperatures, etc. However, because a basement remodel is mostly an indoor project, outside conditions are not a major factor.

There are also several benefits that come with scheduling your remodeling project during the winter months. Let’s walk you through them.

1. Contractors are more likely to be available

It can be difficult to schedule a basement remodel during spring and summer. These are the busiest seasons for home improvements throughout the year. In most cases, high-quality crews and specialty contractors are already booked from the season prior through the end of fall, so it’s hard to find a contractor for your project, especially on short notice.

When winter rolls by, however, there aren’t many scheduled projects during this period. This makes it much easier to find a good home remodeling contractor. More importantly, they can get the work done within a shorter time frame since they don’t have too many jobs lined up.

2. Get permits and other necessary requirements quicker

If you’ve ever had to apply for construction permits in Chicago, then you probably already know the hassles associated with the process, especially during the busy construction months. In some instances, you might also need to have an inspector come take a look before the project commences.

Both requirements are generally easier to obtain during winter. The permit and inspection offices have more availability during this period, much like contractors. This increases the likelihood that you’ll get the permit and inspection done much quicker.

3. Possible discounts on materials

During summer and spring, many manufacturers raise prices on key remodeling materials, such as lumber, cabinetry, and appliances. If you’re planning a full basement remodel, these increased prices will undoubtedly impact your budget, ultimately causing you to spend more than intended.

During winter, however, demand for these materials is typically at the lowest. This prompts manufacturers to lower their prices or throw in discounts on their products. You might snag a couple of good deals on quality materials during this period.

4. Perfect time to work indoors

When the weather is warm and inviting, the last thing you want is to be doing indoor remodeling work. Even if you won’t be doing the actual work, you’ll still need to be inside the house to attend to any issues or concerns during the project. It just seems like an improper use of your time.

When the snow is piling up and the cold winds are blowing, however, there’s no better time to be indoors. Also, it’s not like you can work on outside projects like landscaping or roofing during this period, so you might as well use the time for interior home renovations, including your basement remodel.

5. Have your basement ready for spring

Who wouldn't want a cool finished basement ready in time for spring and summer? When the temperatures outside start heating up or the rainy spring days arrive, you’ll be glad to have a cool, comfy space in your home to relax.


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