Chicago Deck Design: How to Create the Best Outdoor Living Space

Chicago Deck Design: How to Create the Best Outdoor Living Space

As the weather heats up, your outdoor space may be one of the places you spend the most time. But how it looks can significantly affect how you entertain and enjoy the area outside your home. The good news is that there are many different ways to upgrade your deck. And once you do, you’ll be the talk of all your friends, who will want to spend their days enjoying your deck alongside you.

This article will discuss top Chicago deck designs, especially for the Lincoln Park Chicago and Gold Coast Chicago areas, and ideas to help you create the best outdoor living space.

1. Build a firepit

You can’t go wrong with adding a fire pit to your outdoor space. In addition to being a classic upgrade, it can extend the life of your patio on either end of the warm weather. Plus, it’s also perfect for those cooler nighttime temperatures. Having a good fuel supply and an endless supply of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows means you’ll be eating s’mores around the campfire all night.

2. Consider an outdoor bar

If you want to extend your outdoor living space or deck without breaking the bank, consider building an outdoor bar. You can add a built-in beer fridge or cooler and an outdoor television to bring your movie and sports night outside.

3. Change to a natural gas grill

Are you constantly worried about running out of charcoal or propane? Consider running a natural gas line to your outdoor grill. An outdoor gas line lets you grill whenever you want and eliminates any fuel worries. If you have no experience with plumbing or gas lines, bring in a licensed pro to help you run the gas line or convert a propane grill to accept natural gas.

4. Think about adequate seating

Another versatile upgrade you can make to your deck is sufficient seating for all your guests. You can have benches built that double as storage, so all equipment and toys are easily stowed away. For an extra level of comfort, consider adding cushions or throw pillows.

And if you want to go even bigger, you can always add sitting walls or benches to give everyone enough room. The best benches are comfortable and weather-resistant, so they are easy to clean throughout the year.

5. Upgrade your lighting

Take your patio space to the next level by upgrading your area with custom lighting. You can install LED string lights, which are easy to install and cost-effective, or have a professional come and create a lit space. They can help you add lighting to trees, sidewalks, steps, or even your pool if you want to enhance the entire space.

6. Add water features

Adding a fire pit or new grill is one thing, but if you’re looking to add some balance to your backyard, consider adding water features. Some people prefer the soft sounds of water as it can provide harmony and balance in space. You can add a simple fountain yourself or bring in a professional to install a koi pond.

7. Build a pergola

A pergola isn’t only classy but can also add much-needed shade to your patio. With its overhead lattice, it creates a minimal amount of shade, allowing you and your family and friends to enjoy the sun without baking in the heat. And if you ever get cold, you can snuggle up with a blanket to help you stay warm.

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