What to Consider When Designing Your Rooftop Pergola in Chicago

What to Consider When Designing Your Rooftop Pergola in Chicago

Rooftop decks are a great addition to your home. They add value, create more space, and allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. For Chicago locals, a rooftop pergola contributes to an even better experience. But to get the most out of both your rooftop pergola and your deck, you’ll want to take time to consider the design of your pergola, how it would complement your current setup or if certain changes should be made.

To help you get a clear idea of best design practices, JATES Remodeling and Construction has created this guide. Of course, you can always reach out to us for expert design help.

Define Your Goals

A pergola is a versatile structure. Depending on your home, you likely have a wide variety of uses a pergola can accommodate. Whether you’d simply like some protection from the sun on your rooftop deck, or you want to create a dining area for gatherings and outdoor BBQs, a pergola will immediately elevate the experience of your rooftop deck. In addition, while a pergola is great for practical uses, the structure also offers a great aesthetic boost to a rooftop deck.

Other uses for a pergola could include:

  • Hanging potted plants
  • Training vine plants
  • Urban gardening

Once you have a clear idea of your goals and the reasons you want to build a pergola, it’s best to consider the type of materials you might want to use to actually build it.

Consider Materials

Here in Chicago, we get a fair amount of rain and snow. These kinds of elemental effects should play a role in your consideration of the type of material you use to build your pergola. Humidity levels and temperature fluctuations are key pieces of information to keep in mind. And, while variations of wood are commonly used to construct a pergola, pergolas are also built with vinyl and fiberglass. The material you choose will likely have to do with your budget, the style of pergola you’re looking to build, and the amount of maintenance you plan to put in.

If you’d like extra guidance on choosing the right materials for your pergola, JATES Remodeling and Construction can help.

What Size Should Your Pergola Be?

While this step is related to defining your goals, you’ll want to think about the actual size of the pergola in its completed form. How tall should the pergola stand? How wide should the pergola be in order to cover the specific area of your deck you’re prioritizing?

The last thing you want to experience is starting the construction process for your pergola, only to find out that it was actually constructed too big or too small. Not only would that cost you time, but it would cost you money as well.

Style of the Pergola

Your rooftop pergola’s style should match your personal taste. And, while a rooftop pergola built for an apartment building may give you more freedom to try a different style than your apartment, for a home, you’ll likely want the pergola’s style to be uniform with the style of your house. That way, you get to create a cohesive structure.

JATES Remodeling and Construction: Helping You Design a Rooftop Pergola in Chicago

Ready to create the rooftop project of your dreams? At JATES, we have over thirty years of professional experience in construction and remodeling. From design to construction, we can help you see your project through from concept to reality, and ensure your pergola maintains its condition for years to come.

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