How to get the most when you remodel your bathroom in Chicago

How to get the most when you remodel your bathroom in Chicago

There are certain aspects of your home that can get stale if you’ve lived there for a significant amount of time. Your bathroom is one part of your house where you spend time each day so it’s normal if you want to make a change. With help from JATES Remodeling & Construction, you get the most as you remodel your bathroom in Chicago. In fact, we have some tips for you as you start considering changes you want to make.

Get the lighting right

The way you set up the lighting in any room can have a considerable effect on how large the room feels and how you feel while you’re in it. Finding a way to completely flood your bathroom with light can help it feel bigger as there aren’t any dark corners or areas making the walls feel like they’re creeping in from their boundaries. Consider fixtures and light placement that make it easier to get as much lighting as you want in your bathroom.

Properly ventilate

Building codes dictate that every bathroom needs to have proper ventilation. Whether this is done with a window of a certain size or an exhaust fan, the decision is yours to make. It’s important to understand that a bathroom that doesn’t have proper ventilation can develop mold. This can weaken the walls and even grow into the wood framing, which compromises the integrity of the structure of your walls even more.

Pick the right flooring

Deciding on flooring is an important part of a bathroom remodel and goes beyond choosing the right color. Wood floors look great and are an excellent addition to most rooms in your home. However, you need to consider how much water hits the floor in your bathroom. Tile and vinyl are much more resistant to water than wood floors and won’t warp or peel. If you need help choosing the best flooring for your bathroom, speak with one of our experts.

Recess for space

If you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t take much to make it feel smaller. Medicine cabinets and lighting can be recessed to help create even minimal amounts of extra space to help with this. These features can be built into the wall so you have a little bit of extra elbow room and head space while you’re getting ready each morning.

Use the right materials

We mentioned before that you need to choose the flooring that can withstand significant exposure to water. The same goes for other parts of your bathroom. Your cabinets can often withstand exposure to humidity if you have proper ventilation to help remove it quickly. You can also get waterproofing materials to make sure certain aspects of your bathroom are protected from water vapor.

Don’t replace everything

Not everything has to go when you’re remodeling your bathroom. There are probably certain aspects of what you already have that you do still like. You might consider saving your cabinets, the counter, or the shower rather than entirely gutting the room and replacing everything. This will help maintain a certain level of familiarity and help save some money along the way.

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