Improve your basement with basement remodeling contractors in Chicago

Improve your basement with basement remodeling contractors in Chicago

It’s cold. It’s gray. You’re spending most of your time inside. If you’re looking for something to do this winter, why not tackle a basement improvement project? Time spent indoors should be time spent in a space you love. Here’s how you can improve your basement this winter with the help of basement remodeling contractors in Chicago.

Benefits of remodeling your basement

Basements aren’t exactly known for being the highlight of a home. They can be dark, dingy, and just overall not exciting. Redoing your basement with the help of basement remodeling contractors in Chicago is a great way to reinvigorate your space and make your basement a place you and your family will actually want to spend time.

More living space

Remodeling your basement offers a wide range of options for what that space can become. For example, a renovated basement can make a great TV room for you and your friends or a play area for your kids. It can also be used as a home office or workshop. If you frequently have company or are considering owning a rental space, your basement can become a space for guests, complete with a bathroom and guest bedroom, or turned into a basement apartment that you can rent out.

More storage space

If you decide you don’t want or need additional living space, remodeling your basement is still a great way to maximize your storage space. Basement remodeling contractors in Chicago can help you come up with a plan that includes shelves, cabinets, closets, and more, depending on your needs. Contractors can also add new lighting and paint to make your basement more comfortable.

Increased home value

Remodeling your basement not only gives you additional space, it can increase your home value as well. In fact, depending on your home and your local real estate market, you could see a 70% return on investment.

How to improve your basement

When remodeling your basement, what changes should you consider making? You have a variety of options, and the best choices depend on your goals and style preferences.

Paint the walls

Adding a fresh coat of paint can help make your basement look nicer and newer and give it the appearance of a more intentional space. Light paint colors can even make your basement appear bigger, while darker shades can give it a sophisticated, moody look.

Add carpentry

Carpentry is a great solution for storage areas. Whether you need an entertainment center, built-in shelving, benches for storage or seating, or something else, the right contractors will be able to build what your basement needs to make it both functional and visually appealing.

Add lighting

Proper lighting can help your basement to not feel so dark and gloomy. Not only does new lighting brighten your space, it also gives you the chance to show off your personal style through your selection of light fixtures, from versatile recessed lighting to trendy pendant lights to elegant chandeliers and more.

Check the plumbing and electric

When it comes to home improvement projects, visuals are important, but so is functionality. New light fixtures won’t do you any good if you have electrical issues, and adding a bathroom won’t be very beneficial if you have plumbing issues. During the remodeling process, make sure the plumbing and electric are working properly.

Hire the right contractors

The key to a successful basement remodeling project is hiring the right contractors. JATES Remodeling & Construction specializes in commercial and residential remodeling and construction in Chicago and the neighboring suburbs. Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle any home remodel project. Contact us today to request a quote.