Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It? From JATES Remodeling and Construction, Experts in Residential and Commercial Construction

Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It? From JATES Remodeling and Construction, Experts in Residential and Commercial Construction

In commercial restaurants and catering businesses, the commercial-grade kitchen is the center of revenue generation. As businesses grow or structures go up for sale, having a modern commercial kitchen is a benefit.

Often businesses will seek upgrades, expansions, or other changes to enhance functionality. They may also make improvements to try and get a better sale price if they own the commercial property and decide to sell it.

But is a kitchen remodel worth it, regardless of whether an owner wants to keep or sell? Our team, with years of experience in residential and commercial construction, can help to clarify the question.

We have listed a few questions that clients should consider when thinking about whether or not to update a kitchen. 

Is the Commercial Remodel for a Sale or Forever?

The purpose of the remodel should help to determine the budget. 

For those planning the ideal kitchen for business or non-profit use, it's a good idea to focus your budget around what you need. Your organization deserves a kitchen with enough room for employees, space for storage, and modern equipment for optimal function.

Those upgrading a kitchen when a building is for sale should keep some formulae in mind, however. Too many building owners make a crucial mistake. They overbuild their kitchen without enough regard to cost. 

Kitchen spending should not be more than 15 percent of the total building value. Over-improvement creates diminishing returns on the final sale price.

Can/Should You Do It Yourself?

We suggest considering do-it-yourself work to do a cost-benefit analysis. This includes the expected time needed to complete the project. In many cases, owners fail to assign value to time spent on the work. Considerations not only include salary lost if you have to take time off the job, but also opportunities for family or leisure time as well.

Those who have the expertise to do the job efficiently and properly should consider DIY. Slower or less capable workers will benefit more by obtaining a contractor or considering less burdensome improvements.

For a business, the main issue is how long you can go without a kitchen. Most organizations will come out ahead by hiring out contractors for the job who can get it done quickly while also meeting high standards of quality.

Will the Remodel Improve Functionality?

The kitchen function ideally is tailored to that of the business or organization needing the space. In the real world, however, kitchens often don’t match the needs or wants of building owners.  

Appliances have been put in the wrong places, counter space is insufficient, and all too often kitchens lack storage room. 

If your kitchen does not function to meet your needs, you may want to consider engaging a contractor to see what alterations would improve both the aesthetics and function.

Can You Use Hacks and Tricks to Reduce the Budget?

Older buildings may have kitchens that are obsolete or need serious repairs. Modernization often means refreshing and repairing the space, but this may not require a full gut and rebuild to accomplish.

A more efficient arrangement of storage areas and equipment could help to expand available space and improve function, relieving the owner of the need to expand the room. An experienced contractor could advise on the most effective placement of such items.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to make sure that your kitchen remodel or improvements meet your budget and other needs. Contact us today for more information.