Office remodeling contractors in Chicago share 2021 trends

Office remodeling contractors in Chicago share 2021 trends

With the ways the world has had to adjust to life during the COVID-19 pandemic, working at the office has become a completely new experience for many individuals. Many companies across the nation have taken to revamping their workspaces to better accommodate new standards and preferences for their employees. If you’re considering making some changes, our team of office remodeling contractors in Chicago can help. At JATES Remodeling and Construction, we make it a point to stay current on the latest trends in order to serve our clients. Keep reading for five remodeling trends that you could implement into your office for 2021.

Natural lighting

Many people spent much of 2020 and a part of 2021 working from home and staying inside. Natural lighting has become a commodity that many people don’t want to take for granted anymore. You can let natural lighting into your office with large windows in strategic areas around the perimeter of your building. If you’d like to let more light into the inner areas of your office, consider having transom windows installed above doorways. These will allow more light to shine into rooms when there might not be any windows.

Open layout with pods

Open layouts have been a staple for many companies that require high levels of collaboration among individuals and teams. However, the addition of pod workstations allows your employees to get up and move around the office to find a comfortable place to work. Since working from home became normalized, many people found that they enjoy working in different locations around the house or even at a park. You can provide your employees with areas to move about the office as well as create areas that promote teamwork and collaboration.


Bland and boring walls are out. Wallcoverings that display art or tell a story about your company are in. You can go as big as lavish with coverings as you’d like or remain minimalist while providing a needed splash of color to the office. Your employees will welcome a fresh change to the workspace and guests will feel more welcomed by adding wall coverings. If you’re not sure where to start with wall coverings, consider minimalist designs or accent walls in meeting rooms to provide a level of uniqueness to the space.


While it’s not something that everyone got to enjoy, the peace and quiet of home became a new standard for working. Dampen some of the noise and hustle that comes with a busy office by putting up art, wall coverings, or furniture that can help with noise reduction. If you worry about your wood or concrete floor inhibiting your ability to reduce noise in your office, there are flooring options aside from carpet that can be installed to prevent noise from traveling across the office.


As previously mentioned, many individuals who have spent the last year or so working from home have become accustomed to a certain level of comfort. You can provide some of that comfort by helping them feel at home. Offer workspaces that are furnished with couches or a bar table and stools. This will encourage workers to feel more at home and at peace with their workspace.

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