How Long Does a Full Condo Remodel Take from Design to Completion In Chicago?

How Long Does a Full Condo Remodel Take from Design to Completion In Chicago?

If you're a homeowner in Chicago or the neighboring suburbs thinking about doing some home remodeling, you may be wondering how long it will take. As always, there are a number of factors to take into account that will affect a project's completion time. At JATES Construction, we are well aware that some condo remodeling projects will take longer than others. You should also keep in mind that the active construction time from demolition to installing fixtures and finishes is only one element of the overall renovation process.

Contact Your Condo Board or Homeowner’s Association

Since most condominiums fall under the auspices of a condo board or homeowner’s association, you need to speak to them before starting any part of your Chicago condo remodel. They will have certain guidelines pertaining to when you can build, design limitations, and commercial vehicle regulations. Failing to check these rules ahead of time can result in lots of unnecessary problems and subsequent delays to your project.

Create a Realistic Timeline

Since it may be difficult to know where to start the process of turning your condo into a home, it helps to create a realistic timeline to work from. Depending on what needs to be done, you should count on at least four to six months construction time. You should also be aware that some condo buildings will limit a project to four months, with daily fines incurred on projects that run longer.

While this type of project is usually less complicated than a whole house remodel that involves the roof or foundation, approvals and restrictions from condo boards often stretch things out to the point where both projects take the same amount of time.

Planning and Design Phase

In this stage, you determine your goals and cost estimates. It will probably take a few weeks or even months depending on how extensive your project is. Once you start designing, whether you work with an architect or an experienced residential and commercial home remodeler, you will have to decide which materials and products you need for installation.

At this point, you will also need to get board approvals and permits. Believe it or not, this step can take a couple of months or more. Typically, about half of a 12-month renovation is spent in the design phase.

Demolition Phase

Once approvals and permit are in hand, the demolition of the existing structure can begin. This is usually one of the fastest stages of a remodel. Walls are torn down, cabinetry is taken out, and appliances are removed. It shouldn’t take more than a few days or weeks before everything is stripped down enough to move on to the building phase.

Construction Phase


This is when everything starts to come together. Different areas will adhere to different timelines. For instance, a kitchen might only take a few weeks if you are only upgrading countertops, fixtures, and cabinets. However, a complete kitchen renovation may last anywhere from ten to twelve weeks for the active build phase.


The average construction time for a bathroom ranges from four to six weeks. Again, things may take longer if you are moving fixtures around or adding another bathroom to the structure. But unplanned repairs and failed plumbing and/or electrical inspections will always cause further delays.

After all work is finished, your condo remodel will be ready for the final inspection, contractor cleanup, and your final walk through to make sure everything is up to your specifications.

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