Questions to ask a Chicago kitchen remodeling contractor

Questions to ask a Chicago kitchen remodeling contractor

If you’re unhappy with the current look of your kitchen or are dealing with issues that call for more than just a basic renovation, a full kitchen remodel may be the solution you’re looking for. A remodel can cover as many interior elements of your kitchen as you’d like, but no matter the scale of the project as you envision it, it’s a massive undertaking with plenty of moving parts that must align for you to get the result you want.

The scale and detail-oriented nature of a kitchen remodeling project call for the involvement of a qualified, experienced contractor. But how should you find out whether a contractor truly is qualified for your project? A lot of what you need to know can be discovered simply by asking the right questions.

Knowing what to inquire about can help you get a better sense of a contractor’s experience level, familiarity with your type of project, and ability to help you manage the financial burdens incurred by the project. It’s important to look beyond whether a contractor is simply capable of doing the job; if their qualifications and prior projects don’t reflect what you’re looking for, the contractor may not be the right fit for your project.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into what you need to know to adequately qualify your contractor as a capable service provider, gain an understanding of how familiar they are with your design sensibilities, and gauge whether they can assist with financing the project.

Qualifying your contractor

You can take a fairly uniform approach when it comes to qualifying most types of contractors. It’s primarily a matter of making sure they have the right skills for the demands of your job and a positive business record with prior clients. Of course, it’s best to do your own research into these matters as well, but talking about them to a contractor you’re considering working with gives you more information to take into account with this part of your decision-making process.

There are a few specific points to touch on when it comes to developing a sense of a contractor’s qualifications and experience. These include:

  • Relevant certifications for kitchen remodeling
  • Experience with kitchen remodeling
  • Whether they have liability insurance
  • Whether they have a current, up-to-date business license
  • Whether they’re in good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • Their references

Ask about past experience

As mentioned already, past experience working on kitchen remodeling projects is an obvious plus in a contractor’s favor. It isn’t necessarily enough, though, to mark them as the right ones for the job. You need to develop an understanding of whether that experience reflects similar designs and goals as you have for your own project. Asking them about their previous projects and taking a look at their portfolio (if one is available) can help with this.

Another potentially helpful way to approach this part of the process is to consider some important questions relevant to the goals you have in mind for your kitchen, such as the appliances you want installed and the style or aesthetic you had in mind. If a contractor has approached previous projects in similar ways and accomplished the same or similar goals, it may indicate that they’re the right fit.

apartment-sized kitchen with steel appliances.

Ask about financing options

If a contractor is successful and profitable, they’ll likely be able to offer you financing options to help cover the costs of your project. You should get a sense of the financial well-being of the contractor if possible, but a contractor that offers financing options can expand the possibilities of what you can include as part of the remodel.

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