Top luxury trends in Chicago roof deck and garden designs

Top luxury trends in Chicago roof deck and garden designs

A rooftop terrace is a blank canvas. With the right design, you can create a personal retreat and sanctuary. Because rooftops are such unique spaces, many homeowners don’t know where to begin when designing and remodeling their Chicago roof deck and garden. To achieve the luxury you deserve, here are the top trends in modern terrace designs:

Turn it into an outdoor living space

A major design trend in rooftop terraces is turning the deck and garden into a living space. Your terrace should have all the comforts you enjoy most in your home.

Visualize your terrace as a room inside your home, and imagine how you would arrange it. While it isn’t feasible to add all the same décor, you can find comfortable outdoor furniture and add details, like outdoor rugs, potted plants, shade structures, umbrellas, and lighting.

Replicate the feeling you get when relaxing in your living room. Creating a great living space can also include adding an outdoor kitchen to complete the ambiance.

Use your garden to maximize privacy

Designing your Chicago roof deck and garden to maximize privacy is a priority. In these areas, it can feel like people can always see you, making comfort impossible.

Use your garden to create a space that feels like a secluded, natural resort. Purchase screens, fences, and planters, and grow vines and shrubs to obstruct the view of neighboring buildings. Wooden lattice fences also provide a great, classic look and blend into nearly any aesthetic.

Putting screens of confederate jasmine or other vegetation on these fences can eliminate prying eyes and emanate an amazing fragrance. Many people add shade sails for pergolas, too, and some take it a step further by creating a rooftop conservatory.

Help your plants flourish

Another trend is putting your plants in a position to flourish. Certain plants thrive better in certain conditions, and you must make an effort to provide ideal conditions for your plants to thrive.

Helping your plants includes designing your garden to supply them with sufficient light exposure and adequate soil and water. Homeowners are also investing in built-in planters and large containers that don’t dry out quickly, and a drip irrigation system is essential.

Additions like raised garden beds can help your plants get the light they need while making the most of your space, and hanging shade that regulates light penetration works wonders.

Design your space to add depth

Finally, many people in Chicago are opting for vertical designs in their luxury rooftop gardens and decks. Capitalizing on vertical designs adds depth and makes your space feel bigger.

Take full advantage of all walls bordering your terrace as support for vines or even a place to hang outdoor art. Screens and living walls are common additions, and this is an excellent way to make your terrace feel bigger without taking up space.

People are also planting greenery around the edges to blur the boundaries, and adding mirrors adds significant depth and looks excellent in lush gardens.

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If your rooftop terrace needs work, remember that you have an outdoor space with immeasurable potential. People in apartments often bemoan not having a backyard, but effectively utilizing your Chicago roof deck and garden provides you with the same pleasures and comforts and eliminates this compromise from living in apartments. For premier luxury remodeling and construction services, at JATES Construction, we boast over 30 years of experience and offer unrivaled in-house design services. We deliver luxury because you deserve it. Request a quote to learn more.