Discovering Endless Remodeling Possibilities From Home

Discovering Endless Remodeling Possibilities From Home

Jates Remodeling and Construction is proud to announce that we are now offering free virtual consultations.

Home remodeling doesn’t have to become a headache or seem impossible during quarantine. Using our in-house technology, we can provide you with a free virtual remodeling estimate from the comfort of your home!

Every ten years or so your home may need a tune up. Trends may change, your decor may look pretty dated, and you may need a general change of scenery. Whether your needs change or you simply decide to repurpose a room, finding the right team of experts to work with can make your life much easier. Virtual rendering technology gives you an accurate depiction of what your finished product will cost and help you determine some key factors while redesigning a new room. By utilizing video chat, we are uniquely able to share a virtual rendering of your new room. But, how can a virtual rendering specifically benefit you?

Determine the paint colors.

The color palette you use in a room is everything. Respective paints can vary in price and significantly adjust your set budget. Creating a successful aesthetic revolves around the colors you use, how you pair them, and where you apply them. Before commiting to a color palette, understand what it will cost and if there are more affordable options to make your vision a reality. Virtual rendering estimates helps you review a detailed report of what the final cost will be before you give it the green light.

Figure out what type of flooring is most cost effective.

Should you go with hardwood, carpet, or tile flooring? It’s hard to determine on the spot, and making a quick, impulsive decision is not recommended. This involved process becomes even more intricate when exploring the subcategories each type has under it. For example, hardwood floors are made with different materials like bamboo, oak, and mahogany. Each respective subcategory wields its own advantages, respective pricing, and a unique aesthetic touch. Remember that every element you include is a piece to the larger picture and are critical to the success of the final product.

Know the best places for new installations.

Remodeling a room requires very intricate planning and sharp attention to detail. If you’re looking to install an island in your kitchen or new cabinets it is crucial that you have a digital blueprint made so you will know exactly how much it will cost. It is a mistake to go through with any sort of remodeling without following a stringent plan to ensure you get the result you want and are able to afford it. Virtual rendering gives you the advantage of indicating exactly what your budget is ahead of time using state-of-the-art technology.

During our free virtual consultations. We walk our clients through the process of gathering the proper information needed to determine an accurate quote and preferred design. We believe that your home should be both functional and beautiful. Our talented team of master carpenters is eager to work with you to provide expert advice, free consultation, and quality construction that exceeds expectations. For best results, we recommend that customers prepare a list of what they need done, and images of what they’d like to incorporate into the reconstruction of the room, along with images of what they do not want to incorporate. Reach out to us today to learn more about our virtual rendering system, free consultations, and how it all can benefit you.