Use Virtual Remodeling Walkthroughs to Give the Gift of a Better Home

Use Virtual Remodeling Walkthroughs to Give the Gift of a Better Home

Giving the gift of a home renovation is a fantastic way to demonstrate how much you care about your loved one. That’s especially true now as people continue to spend more time at their house due to the ongoing pandemic. The JATES Remodeling & Construction team is making it easier than ever this year for residents in the Greater Chicago area to plan their renovation with our 1:1 virtual walkthroughs. One of our consultants can work with you to discuss your unique project and provide a virtual remodeling estimate. It’s an easy and safe way to figure out the best way to remodel your space so you and your loved one can enjoy these many benefits of home renovation projects.

How Home Renovations Improve Your Life

They make spending time at home more enjoyable.

Many people have been sheltering in place most of the year, and with the cold Chicago winter right around the corner, we’re all going to be spending even more time in our homes moving forward. One way to make that time more pleasant is by renovating your interior spaces. Whether it’s adding more functionality to your home or simply reinvigorating old, stale interiors, remodeling makes your home feel like new again and improves the overall experience of staying indoors. Take advantage of our virtual remodeling walkthrough service so we can help you understand the various possibilities for your space firsthand and find inspiration for your project.

You can tailor your home to your unique needs.

Unless you built a new home yourself, the house you live in wasn’t designed with you specifically in mind. Even if you custom-built one, it’s likely that life changes have occurred that have affected your needs. A home renovation is the perfect way to update the home to adapt to those changing needs. Perhaps you’re planning on working from home more in the future and want to create a defined office space to boost productivity. Or maybe you need to add a new bedroom to accommodate your growing family. Whatever you need, we can help you design the perfect interior space.

They’re effective ways to improve energy efficiency.

This is especially helpful around the holidays because people are being forced inside more by the cold weather. During the renovation, you can choose to replace old appliances with newer, more efficient models and repair any problems with your insulation. That way, you know that everything is operating at peak efficiency, so you can comfortably enjoy your time at home without drastically increasing the cost of your monthly utility bills.

They’ll bolster the value of your property.

Most industry insiders believe that the Chicago housing market will continue to favor sellers as we move into 2021, so that means your home could be in high demand if you’re planning on selling soon. A home renovation is a fantastic way to improve your property value so you can set the asking price higher and earn a greater return on your investment. Adding updated features and enhanced functionality could also be the deciding factor that convinces buyers to put a bid in on your property instead of other available listings.

This holiday season, give the gift of a better home.

For more than 30 years, the JATES Remodeling & Construction team has helped homeowners in the Greater Chicago area transform their homes with expertly crafted home renovations. Our highly-skilled team of contractors always delivers quality work while striving to make your remodeling experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Plus, with our virtual remodeling walkthroughs and project estimates, you can start designing your new custom space today from the comfort of your own home. Schedule your consultation online, and let us help you transform your current home into your dream home.