Design, Build, and Finish in One:
Why Hire a Do-it-All Contractor?

Design, Build, and Finish in One:
Why Hire a Do-it-All Contractor?

Working with a design-build team for your home remodel in the Chicago area is like taking the express train. It’s a non-stop flight. It’s a road trip with a full tank of gas, a bag of sunflower seeds, and a playlist that exactly matches the length of the journey. Contractors with in-house design services manage your entire project, start to finish, without waiting on materials, drafters, subcontractors, interior designers, or contractors. When you choose a contractor offering design-build services, you’re choosing the most efficient, cost-effective, cohesive build possible. Having designers, builders, and contractors on the same page ensures you get the premium results you expect.

What Is a Design-Build Contractor?

Design-build is a method for completing a construction project, from house renovation to large-scale business park development. When clients choose a contractor with design-build services, they opt for the best possible outcome: a single building contract that addresses every aspect of the build, from drafts, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC to lighting, aesthetics, materials, and finishes. Rather than a handful of different contractors and designers working on their own tiny sliver of a project, design-build contracts offer a skilled team working together toward a common goal: completing a superlative quality build.

Why Choose Design-build?

When homeowners opt for design-build contractors, they have lower unit costs, faster construction, less cost growth, and less schedule growth compared to other project delivery methods.

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Why Use a Designer For A Remodel?

Consulting a designer for a residential remodel is the first step in the collaborative effort that a design-build team makes. Having a designer in the room not only adds a person with an eye for aesthetics and style, but it ensures that the appropriate foundations (plumbing, electrical, etc.) are planned purposefully to support a space's functionality.

Designers are invaluable when clients seek clever use of space without sacrificing the beauty of a room. Any old contractor can put in a new kitchen island or redo a bathroom; having an in-house designer means that the project is done with an eye for beauty and a dedication to function.

What Can a Design-build Contractor Do For You?

Design-build contractors communicate. When a designer, contractor, and subcontractors are on the same team, there is much less room for miscommunication. Designers and builders working together can ensure that you and your team stay aligned on a build's vision, goals, budget, drawings, and schedules. Most importantly, design-build allows clients to see a fully rendered snapshot of their project before any plastic is hung or hammers are swung.

At What Point in a Remodeling Project Should You Talk

to a Design-build Contractor?

Homeowners in the Chicago area planning a remodel should engage a design-build company and talk to a designer when they are serious about their luxury remodeling project. If you’re looking for transparent communication, efficient project delivery, unified vision, complete accountability, and specialized expertise, then you need design-build services. Chat with Jates Construction, Inc. professionals for guidance and advice on your next project. Get in touch today and discover the full potential of your remodel.