Your Chicago Design Build: The Benefits of a Design-Builder vs a Contractor

Your Chicago Design Build: The Benefits of a Design-Builder vs a Contractor

Are you seeking a reliable, experienced contractor to complete your upcoming building project? Have you considered the advantages of engaging a design builder for your Chicago construction job? While general contractors focus on physical construction, design builders take a more comprehensive approach, including your project's design and construction phases. With their proven ability to save time, money, and hassle while optimizing quality results, design build services offer serious benefits compared to traditional contracting models. Read on to learn more about how working with an established design-builder can be the smartest decision you make when taking on your next home or commercial design project!

Why Choose Chicago Design Build vs. General Contracting


Design build firms provide a one-stop-shop solution for your building or remodeling needs. Design-builers manage the entire project from start to finish, including design, approvals, permits, subcontractors, and construction. While independent design and general contracting firms must play constant phone tag, a design-builder minimizes communication errors and can guarantee that everything stays on track, which is essential for more complex projects.

Estimate Accuracy

Design build firms take a holistic approach to their projects, considering both design and construction costs from the outset. By working together with construction professionals during the design phase, the design team can consider all of the cost implications of potential design decisions, ensuring that the final plans are beautiful and cost-effective. This means that by the time construction begins, the design build team has already gone through several rounds of budget analysis, resulting in a far more accurate estimate of the project's final cost. As a result, clients can trust that the cost estimate provided by a design build firm is not only clear, but also highly accurate. Contractors, on the other hand, can only provide material and labor estimates, which don’t account for the fees associated with design at all.

Improved Timeframes

Design build firms create timelines connected to both design and construction execution. By using an integrated process, they can design and construct simultaneously. This approach enables your project to finish faster. It also eliminates the time between the two phases. Design-builders can eliminate command delays without sacrificing quality.

Different Levels of Expertise

By definition, contractors have more construction experience than design experience. A design build firm has specialists in both design and construction, and the design build process efficiently merges these two areas to build an experienced team. The designers and construction contractors work together to ensure timely, on-budget delivery, without compromising quality.

Reduced Risk

Hiring a team of experts that can anticipate potential issues is safer than working with a contractor that is reactive. Design-builders provide a comprehensive approach to construction, meaning that potential issues will likely be discovered and solved early in the design process. With a design build firm, clients are less likely to face delays from unforeseen problems.

Trust the Chicago Design-Build Experts

Choosing a design build firm over a contractor can only benefit your project. Although contractors and design-builders do have some skill overlap, a design-builders integrated approach can save you time and money while offering optimal outcomes. Working with a design-builder gives you a single point of contact. Furthermore, design build firms reduce project risk by anticipating problems early in the development process.

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